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Wood Fires

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Woodsman Vincent Thurkettle

Public Relations

Our love of the countryside and things rural is particularly strong, and never more so than when it come to the comforting warmth of a blazing wood fire.  The fire is timeless. People are instinctively drawn to the bright flames and warming embers – the fire itself becomes a symbol of welcome security, good food, friendship and primal well-being.

There are almost limitless opportunities to align and associate a product or service with the ‘feel good’ emotions people have when beside a wood fire.

Vincent has carried out promotional assignments with a wide range of companies, including Virgin Airlines, the Discovery Channel and Page & Moy.

Media experience - Vincent has appeared on many radio and television programmes, and has been featured widely in newspaper and magazine articles – including: BBC 2’s Landscape Mysteries, Countryfile, Country Tracks, Richard & Judy: Radio 4’s Midweek, Open Country and Broadcasting House: the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Independent, Guardian and Mail.

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