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Woodsman Vincent Thurkettle


‘Sitting in soft firelight I have often wondered why I am so fascinated by fire. And I am not alone; people of all cultures consider fire a strangely singular comfort. The genial cheerfulness of logs blazing on an open hearth has no equal.’

Vincent Thurkettle is a woodsman. After spending his childhood roaming the English countryside he left school at 16 to work with trees. Ten years later he trained as a Chartered Forester and worked as a forest manager with the Forestry Commission for the next 28 years. He now prospects for gold and grows Christmas trees. He has a lifetime’s experience of living with wood fires, and still heats his home and cooks over the wood fires made from the logs he cuts each winter.

Vincent has a deep love and understanding of wood fire.  This site shares some of what he has learned about the different trees, the storing and cutting of logs, and how to light the perfect fire. In 2012 he published his first book, ‘The Wood Fire Handbook’.

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Vincent Thurkettle